Blog: Mental Health in Children and Adults

As a Psychotherapist, I decided to write first of all as a mother of three children and a professional about different areas around mental health and how to support the development of children. It's always better to focus more on prevention, than trying to fix chronical disorders. While some parents are sometimes just fortunate or resourceful, others are struggling with many challenges in their lives to have a fulfilled life as a family.

  • Helping the Student with ADHD in the Classroom

    General behaviour intervention suggestions for TEACHERS Classroom interventions for students with ADHD should be based upon a solid foundation of general behaviour intervention principles. While students with ADHD have a core of common problems, this group is fairly heterogeneous. Thus, instead of focusing on ADHD symptoms, management should target specific problem behaviour directly. Next, an […]

  • Does my child have ADHD?

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurobiological disorder that can severely impact the behaviour of children and youngsters regarding their school performance and socialising with peers. The worldwide prevalence for children with ADHD is 5%. (Faraone, Sergeant, Gilberg & Biederman, 2003). Symptoms of ADHD: Inattentiveness: Struggle to hold attention during calm activities, tend to […]