Blog: Mental Health in Children and Adults

As a Psychotherapist, I decided to write first of all as a mother of three children and a professional about different areas around mental health and how to support the development of children. It's always better to focus more on prevention, than trying to fix chronical disorders. While some parents are sometimes just fortunate or resourceful, others are struggling with many challenges in their lives to have a fulfilled life as a family.

  • Creating Long Lasting Positive Change

    I have always been wondering about the secret of a “Good Life” and the contributing factors.The formula for happiness doesn’t seem to be success in different domains like more money, better grades, high reputation at your job, having children or a summer house in Spain. I have experienced it personally that feeling content did very […]

  • EMDR

    Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing At first glance, Eye movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR) appears to approach psychological issues in an unusual way. It does not rely on talk therapy or medications. Instead, EMDR uses a natural function of the body, Rapid Eye Movement (REM), as its basis and Dr Francine Shapiro, the founder of EMDR, found that just three 90 minute […]

  • How Mentally Strong People Find Inner Peace

    Source: Article in Psychology Today from Amy Morin, 2018 Mental strength and inner peace go hand in hand. Mentally strong people are confident that they can handle whatever life throws their way. That’s not to say they don’t feel pain or that they don’t get sad — they experience their emotions on a deep level. […]

  • Helping the Student with ADHD in the Classroom

    General behaviour intervention suggestions for TEACHERS Classroom interventions for the student with ADHD should be based upon a solid foundation of general behaviour intervention principles. While students with ADHD do have a core of common problems, this group is fairly heterogeneous. Thus, instead of focusing on ADHD symptoms, management should first directly target specific problem […]

  • Does my child have ADHD?

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurobiological disorder, which can have a severe impact on the behaviour of children and youngsters regarding their school performance and socialising with peers. The worldwide prevalence for children with ADHD is 5%. (Faraone, Sergeant, Gilberg & Biederman, 2003). Symptoms of ADHD: Inattentiveness: Struggle to hold the attention during […]

  • How much do you LIKE yourself?

    Potential effects by Social Media on adolescents Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. With almost endless possibilities of the world wide web, it has been so easy not only to google anything you need to know but also to socialise with your friends or peers on different platforms whenever you want and wherever you are. It […]

  • When FEAR becomes your closest Enemy

    About Social Anxieties in Adolescents Are you most of the time afraid of making a fool of yourself and think that everybody is judging you when you are in public? You might struggle even to open the door for the postman, taking the school bus or having a snack in the school cafeteria. Thinking about […]

  • Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents

    What does Psychotherapy mean? Before my psychotherapy training which I started after working many years as a social worker, supporting families struggling with different issues, I didn`t know much about psychotherapy. While I was working with children, who were suffering from developmental disorders, showing symptoms of hyperactivity and focusing issues, academically low performance at school, […]

  • Does my child have a mental health condition?

    Many parents are struggling with this question and don´t know if there might be an issue, which needs to be taken more seriously than the usual complaints like oppositional behaviour, mood changes or body image issues during puberty for example.In general, parents should seek advice/support as soon as possible, if their child is struggling in […]

  • Being an Expat Teenager

    While an Expat Life can offer financial and cultural advantages, many times children and adolescents suffer at least for a certain period from an adjustment disorder. It makes it also for parents not always easy to distinguish between temporary symptoms and persistent ones. Adjustment disorder may occur if they experience a few of the symptoms […]