Exploring your Internal Family Systems

Knowing your internal family systems means being aware of your emotions, thought processing, and decision-making. Try to be as non-judgmental as possible when you list things that make you feel uncomfortable. You don’t need to fight, change or understand anything. Stay curious and open-minded during this exercise, allowing buried emotions to emerge without fear and self-condemnation. Which family member would you like to address with a letter? Your sadness, fear or anger, perhaps? Try it out; it will take just a few minutes to get to know yourself more about your feelings and what you want to change. It can go like this:

Dear Fear,

You‘ve been in charge of my life for a while now.
It’s time now to swap seats with another companion.
While you may stay and judge, and your opinions considered, you will no longer hold power to vote.

I want my curious companion to take the seat you used to have,
I wonder what options might come up if I don’t listen to your guidance anymore
How much will change once I feel more and more comfortable about the new drive in myself?
My curiosity is taking over, displaying all life has to offer.
Showing me how much more life has to offer

I notice feelings of excitement, freedom and relief.

The conscious voice in my head becoming less noisy.

It takes courage to keep going,
so let’s get the brave companion to join you, a great couple you two would be.
It takes effort, with various parts of my life subject to change.
Without the fearful vote, I can keep moving forward and living the life I always longed for.

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Published on 2022/10/26

Posted in: Social Anxiety