Blog: Mental Health in Children and Adults

As a Psychotherapist, I decided to write first of all as a mother of three children and a professional about different areas around mental health and how to support the development of children. It's always better to focus more on prevention, than trying to fix chronical disorders. While some parents are sometimes just fortunate or resourceful, others are struggling with many challenges in their lives to have a fulfilled life as a family.

  • Exploring your Internal Family Systems

    Knowing your internal family systems means being aware of your emotions, thought processing, and decision-making. Try to be as non-judgmental as possible when you list things that make you feel uncomfortable. You don’t need to fight, change or understand anything. Stay curious and open-minded during this exercise, allowing buried emotions to emerge without fear and […]

  • When FEAR becomes your closest Enemy

    About Social Anxieties in Adolescents Are you most of the time afraid of making a fool of yourself and thinking that everybody is judging you when you are in public? You might struggle even to open the door for the postman, take the school bus or have a snack in the school cafeteria. Thinking about […]